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Highland Games

San Diego Highland Games:  a lot of folks ask me about the local Highland Games here in San Diego; they're almost always the last weekend in June.

Highland Dancing

Highland Fusion:  this Scottish dance troupe has some of the best Highland dancers and the most interesting choreography that I know.  I always enjoy working with them.

Celtic Music

Highland Way - I've worked with these folks a few times; very nice music! 
Clachan Boys - Brian Caldwell of Highland Way is also in this group.

And Other Music

I recently performed at a party where the Hot Pursuit Band played.  They did a really good job; very nice music and a lot of fun to listen and dance to!  They have another website at


If you're looking for someone to play bugle at a ceremony (for instance, "Taps" at a memorial), you might contact Bugles Across America:
They're an organization providing buglers to play "Taps" for veteran's ceremonies.  Their local representative in San Diego is Michael Timson, 858 863 3370.   Also, Roy Zanni, 858 566 8123, is an active member of Bugles Across America.
And I just met another bugler active in Bugles Across America: Marvin Steinman, 760 533 4672.

P/M. Angus Macdonald Memorial Western Regional Championship:  this is a major West Coast competition for Grade 1 and Professional players.

Steve MacLeod's Bagpipe Questions and Answers: the sections on "Hiring a Piper" and "Music" are very helpful  is the site of bagpiper Joseph McDonald; if you need someone to play bagpipes for you  in British Columbia & Washington State, check out his site!

HighlandNet is a full of great links to all sorts of Highland-related sites.  Check them out!

Wedding Services

"Feathers from Heaven" is a dove release vendor, for weddings and memorials, very nice folks.
Contact Joe and Leslie Irwin at 858 756 3264.

I worked with Douglas Gates of Gates Photography ( recently; highly recommended!

Everytime I work with Pastor David Planck, I'm impressed by him.  The wedding services I've done with him are always charming and lively; I admire his professionalism at the memorial services we've done together.  And you can always hear him (not always true with other officiants)!

Rev. Christopher MacFarlane Tuttle performs Scottish ceremonies - his website Vows From the Heart of Scotland has some wonderful ideas and resources for ceremonies.   His other site  has a lot of fun and interesting ideas for wedding ceremonies!

Binns Photography took pictures for an engagement I did at La Costa Spa and Resort,  Very professional and highly recommended. Check out their website at

Tony Eisenhower Photography  was the photographer for a wedding I performed for at Zosa Ranch, up near Temecula. Very nice website and he has a knack for setting up interesting shots!

Peter Phun Photography
Peter Phun was the photographer for a wedding I performed at, at the Chapel on the Navy Sub base, San Diego. He has some pictures of the wedding on his website, as well as lots of other excellent pictures.

Dalice Huffman with Premiere Weddings & Events.

Earl Henry provides DJ services throughout Southern California; his website is


A lot of my work is doing memorial services at some of the local cemeteries.  Singing Hills Memorial Park, in El Cajon at 2800 Dehesa Road is such a pretty place; I wanted to say how much I enjoy playing out there.  It's nestled in the hills, rising all around, it seems; it's such a peaceful and pretty place that it's always a pleasure to play there, knowing my music may help folks through what may be a difficult time.

Just to show you how pretty it is:
Singing Hills Memorial Park

Other websites

Barry's Construction: highly recommended general contractor in San Diego